Questions I Am Often Asked About My Castration

Castration is more than birth control.
It is life control.



Castration is a very difficult topic to find information about.  Most transgenderists and transsexuals are either already on hormones when they obtain a separate castration procedure, or receive their castration only as a part of their SRS, which means that the effects of hormones will have already caused many effects of castration.  Non-transgendered men who receive castration usually keep silent about what they have done, and therefore they rarely report on the effects they experience.

I took a more unusual approach to my gender issues.  The very first thing I did was to have Dr. Spector remove my testicles.  After I had my castration surgery, I did not take any kind of hormone replacement therapy for more than two years, which means that I have experienced the unmasked effects of castration.  Many non-transgendered persons (as well as some TGs and TSs) have asked me in E-Mail and the alt.eunuchs.questions newsgroup about my experiences concerning the effects of my castration.

In the days before I obtained my castration I wished there was more information available about it.  I have written these pages to address frequently (and some less frequently) asked questions to provide this information for anybody considering castration, whether or not they are transgendered.

Please keep in mind that my experiences are only my own.  Your mileage may vary.  Each person is an individual with unique identities, feelings, and situations.  You may experience some things that I did not experience, and you may not experience everything that I have experienced.  Your feelings about castration and its effects may be very different from mine, especially if you are not transgendered.  I will mention the experiences I have heard from others, because I would be amiss to ignore those who feel differently or have experienced effects that were different from mine, but the focus of my FAQ is on my own personal experiences.  I do hope that you find this information very helpful.




The Why of Castration Why did I want castration?  Why do some other people desire castration?  Is castration right for you?

The Effects of Castration Anyone considering castration needs to know what effects it will have before going through this irreversible surgery.  You must know everything you can and decide whether or not this is right for you before you do anything.
Ahora la pagina ‘The Effects of Castration’ es disponible en Español.

The Procedure I describe my surgery at Dr. Spector's and my recovery, as well as costs and some other miscellaneous issues that many people have asked me about.

Surgeons Who Perform Castration A list of surgeons who are willing to perform castration, including links to their websites or other contact information.  Some of these surgeons might also perform additional genital surgeries.

Links to More Information on Castration Links to additional information about castration and issues pertaining to hypogonadism.

My Spector Experience I have described not only my castration experience with Dr. Spector in April 1999, but my feelings and other things I went through during my one week in Spector's neighborhood.

Is Castration Right For Me?  Other factors considered  How does one tell if castration is right for them?  Is there any temporary way to try castration on for size?  Will castration just reduce my sex drive, or will I lose all of it?  What about those who are preoccupied more with the castration method than the life after?  If someone has a castration fetish, does that mean castration is wrong for them?  What about a wife of family member that might oppose castration?  If someone has been castrated, could anyone else ever figure it out?  Here I address some of the issues I most frequently encounter in E-Mail, mailing lists, and message boards.



Castration Safety  The only safe and economical way to be castrated is by a trained and licensed medical professional.  Not only are do-it-yourself and non-professional methods of castration dangerous, they won’t even save you money.  If orchiectomy would benefit your life, please obtain it safely and intelligently.




These three pages discuss issues specifically for transsexuals and the transgendered:


Orchiectomy for Transsexuals  Transsexuals and transgendered persons have orchiectomy issues which are unique to their own situation.  Here I wrote about the advantages we have from this surgery, as well as some of our issues pertaining to castration and our transition process.

Ahora la pagina ‘Orchiectomy for Transsexuals’ es disponible en Español.



Changing Legal Documents After Orchiectomy?  Unfortunately, I have found that orchiectomy alone has not been very helpful in changing my documents such as drivers licenses, birth certificate, or Social Security record.  Changing the sex on most documents will have to wait until after SRS.



Orchiectomy OK Before SRS?  OK, so I needed a skin graft taken from my tummy for adequate SRS results, and I have a permanent scar line.  So now how do I feel about having had an orchiectomy years before SRS?  You might be surprised that I have no regrets about my orchiectomy and would even do it all over again.





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