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Welcome to my transition website.  My name is Sherry, and I am a transitioned woman.  This means that I used to be transsexual, meaning that my physical sex differed from my internal gender.  I sought treatment for this condition by transforming my body to conform to my female gender.  Once a surgeon in Thailand performed SRS, my body and gender match and I ceased to be transsexual.


I have felt and believed that I should have been a girl for as long as I can remember.  I recall my mom insisting that “you are a boy” when I was four or five, and that I felt uncomfortable with this.


After denying my true self for a time in early adulthood, many things that I had repressed suddenly resurfaced in November 1998.  At that time I was a factory worker in an Arkansas chicken plant, and now I had to face the task of financing transition while working in a blue-collar environment.


Understandably, my process took time.  Despite being fortunate in some ways (did not need expensive FFS, had no spouse or children to support), it would take me more than seven years to finally complete my physical and legal transformation.  Sometimes my progress seemed nonexistent as I saved funds for my next step of the process.  I made my social transition and transitioned full time on December 30th, 2002.  I completed my physical transition when I had SRS in Bangkok on October 3rd, 2005 and finally corrected a stubborn gender marker with the Social Security Administration in April 2006.


My life since then has been similar to that of any other American woman.  No, my life has not been perfect and never will be.  I’ve experienced my share of joy and tribulations.  I returned to school and took classes at a local community college.  Since then I have completed my Associates Degree in computer science.  Now that I no longer needed to save money for transition, I took several vacations, including a Caravan tour of the Canadian Rockies. Not everything goes my way.  On July 2nd, 2008, I became a statistic of the Great Recession when I received notice that my workplace was shutting down the plant and today was my last day of work.


Life will never be perfect, but from now on I will always experience life as the real me.




Update: September 5th, 2009



Geocities will close on October 26th, and my former website will vanish.  As a result, I have relocated my site to Tripod.


I do realize that the monthly bandwidth is lower than what Geocities offered.  My website generally receives light traffic, and traffic rarely exceeded my allotted hourly bandwidth on Geocities.  I believe that file transfer will remain below Tripod allotment for the vast majority of the time.  If it does not, please bear with me, as I will seriously consider upgrading to a paid plan so that valuable information remains available for those who need it.


I will continue to be very busy.  So I will not be able to answer all of my E-mail, while responses to E-mails I do answer could be delayed for days or weeks.  Please read my contact page for more information.


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Castration / Orchiectomy  

I describe the reasons I had this surgery, the procedure, and most importantly, the aftereffects of orchiectomy.  I have also written a couple of pages to address the many questions that others considering this procedure have asked me.



Hair replacement by Apollo

I write about the Apollo hair replacement system and address many of the questions others have asked me about hair replacement for those transitioners who have suffered serious hair loss.



legal name change in Arkansas

The process for my legal name change in the state of Arkansas



Reflections on My Real Life Experience

I wrote about some thoughts and reflections about the first two years of my RLE.



Outed By Social Security

As a result of inconsiderate policies, the SSA may out you at work if you are pre-op or non-op TS, or even if you are post-op and haven’t yet bothered to change the gender marker on your Social Security record.



My SRS Page

I finally had my SRS in October 2005, and life has been a lot more comfortable ever since.  My own SRS experience, from many months of preparation and anticipation, to my feelings ever since my surgery:

Part I: Anticipation

Part II: Bangkok or Bust

Part III: Recovery

Part IV: Return to My Life

Part V: SRS In Retrospect

About SRS with Dr. Kamol

About Thailand




Passports for Transsexuals Traveling to Thailand for SRS

If you are a US citizen and need to travel abroad for your SRS, you can obtain a temporary passport which is valid for one year and lists your sex as female.  After SRS, you can easily have this passport extended to ten years.



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Information and resources to assist you in your transition



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