Castration Surgeons



Surgeons in the USA:

April 2009: Dr. Murray H. Kimmel, M.D. has retired

2301 Pennsylvania Avenue
(Parkway at 23rd Street)
Philadelphia, PA 19130
Office 215-563-0847
Fax 215-563-4881

Transitioning transsexuals still have other surgeons who will perform orchiectomy, although they will have to me the SOC or other prerequisites determined by the surgeon.


I hope that another doctor will soon offer orchiectomy for non-transgendered men so that they too may once again have a safe means for obtaining orchiectomy.



Dr. Christine McGinn, D.O.


Orchiectomy page


Phone: 215-693-1197

72 North Main St., Suite 2A

Doylestown, PA 18901


Dr. McGinn performs orchiectomies only for those diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder.  A therapist letter is required.  The cost is $3500.

Dr. Marci Bowers, M.D.


Orchiectomy page


Phone 719-846-6300

328 Bonaventure Street, Suite #2

Trinidad, CO 81082


Dr. Bowers performs orchiectomies for transitioning women who have transitioned full time and have obtained a therapist letter.


If you are not TS, please read the two paragraphs on Dr. Bower’s orchiectomy page referring to those who do not wish to transition.  You will need two therapist letters and full foreknowledge of the irreversible consequences of orchiectomy.


Cost of orchiectomy (2008) is $3500 outpatient, and $3000 in the office.





Dr. Barham has retired as of December 2005

Robert Barham, MD
Portland OR


Dr. Harold M. Reed, M.D., F.I.C.S.

Miami, FL
Phone: 1-305-865-2000
1111 Kane Concourse
Bay Harbor, FL 33154

Dr. Reed is another SRS surgeon who would perform orchiectomies for pre-op transsexuals.  The cost is $2500, and two therapist letters plus some lab work is required for this surgery.

Dr. Tuan A. Nguyen, M.D.

Lake Oswego, OR

Dr. Nguyen is another SRS surgeon who offers orchiectomy for pre-op transsexuals.  You will need to contact the office to get his price or ask other questions.

Some of the other SRS surgeons might also be willing to perform orchiectomies for transsexuals who are transitioning and taking HRT.  You will need to contact these surgeons to find out if they would be willing, and what their cost and other prerequisites would be.


Those who are able to obtain a therapist referral for orchiectomy might be able to find a willing surgeon in their home town.  Sometimes the therapist themselves might be able to refer you to a specific surgeon.  Some courageous persons have called up every physician in their local phone book until they found a surgeon who would perform their procedure.  If a surgeon is not listed on this site, they are either unwilling to perform the procedure or do not wish to be listed on the Internet as a surgeon willing to perform orchiectomy.




Surgeons in Thailand:

Some of the surgeons who do SRS in Thailand will also perform castration.  If you live in North America, it will probably be less expensive to be castrated in the USA, but the Thai surgeons are additional options, especially if you seek more than just castration.  These are excellent options for persons seeking castration in Australia or Asia to consider.  Thailand also offers a number of inexpensive options for transsexuals seeking complete SRS.  I think air travel should cost around $1000 from the USA.

NOTE: Some persons have stated in newsgroups and mailing lists that SRS and other procedures could be obtained in Thailand without SOC qualifications (such as therapist letters, HRT, and living full time as the target gender for which the surgery is intended).  But I have not yet heard of anybody getting SRS there without being full time, without HRT, and without therapist letters, and I remain skeptical about claims of being able to get SRS from most Thailand surgeons without these qualifications, especially since the websites of these doctors and clinics do state their criteria for surgery and adherence to the SOC.

As of 2005, I still don’t know of anyone who was able to just travel to Thailand, give their money to the surgeon, and get on the table without any transition progress or RLE.  I do know of a few women who were able to obtain SRS without SOC letters from their therapists, but all of these women had already been on HRT and in RLE for some time.  Reputable Thai surgeons expect that their patients have transitioned and are able to live in their target gender.  Thai surgeons are sometimes more flexible, for example someone who has done HRT and RLE (especially multi-year RLE) might get surgery with only one, or occasionally even no therapist letter, or they might not care whether the primary letter is from an MD or PHD.  But I doubt you will be able to obtain SRS from a reputable surgeon without a successful social transition.


Thailand is a long way to travel (unless you happen to live there), so check with the surgeon of your choice, make sure that they know of your status and what you desire, and make absolutely certain that you meet their criteria for surgery before you travel out there.  Otherwise, you might travel all the way out there and miss weeks of work and income, only to find out that the doctor won't do your surgery.

Prerequisites for surgeries other than SRS (such as penectomy or orchiectomy) may vary from those for SRS, and also vary from surgeon to surgeon, so you need to work this out with the surgeon of your choice.

Dr. Suporn
Chonburi, Thailand.

Dr. Suporn no longer lists orchiectomy on his website.  Adults may be able to obtain SRS without therapist letters if they're already transitioned and on HRT, but SRS by this surgeon has become terribly expensive when compared to other Thailand surgeons.  The cost of obtaining SOC therapist letters will probably be less than the price difference between other Thai surgeons versus Dr. Suporn.  I should note that Dr. Suporn charges more for SRS and cites a longer operation time if you've already had prior orchiectomy.

The Samui Clinic
Island of Koh Samui, Thailand

UPDATE: Please read this advisory on the Samui Clinic at:

Samui Clinic Alert


Dr. Chettawut
Bangkok, Thailand

Dr. Pichet
Bangkok, Thailand

Dr. Preecha
Orchiectomy page:

Orchiectomy FAQ page:

Dr. Preecha’s home page:

Orchiectomy cost is $2100.  You will need to have been on HRT for 12 months and have 12 months of RLE.  You will be given general anesthesia, spend one night in the hospital, and you will need to spend almost a week in Thailand for recovery.


Dr. Kamol




Yanhee General Hospital






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