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April 13th, 2009


I have started new employment today (on the tenth anniversary of my orchiectomy!)  I might also move to an apartment closer to my new workplace in May.  In any event, I plan to continue studying for additional IT certifications and generally enjoying life as my true self.


Ever since I first posted my web pages in 2001, I have strived to provide comprehensive information pertaining to orchiectomy and my recent SRS experience.  I have periodically updated my site to answer questions that others have often asked me, and even to answer some infrequently asked questions.


So I am asking those of you who have a question about orchiectomy, SRS, or other topics covered on my website, to please read through all of my web pages pertaining to that topic in question, and see if maybe I have already answered your question.  Many of those who E-Mail me have asked me questions that I have already answered on my web pages.


My orchiectomy section alone contains a dozen pages, including a list of surgeons who perform orchiectomy.  Yet I receive numerous requests from people asking me if I know of a surgeon who performs orchiectomy in their local area.  Others ask me about the effects of orchiectomy on libido, or the effects of removing only one testicle.  Because I don’t have time to answer every E-mail, I must give priority to E-mails containing questions I have not answered, and E-mails from those friends I have gained over the years.


If after reading my entire site, you still have a question I have not yet addressed on my website, I would still like to hear your question.  If I have indeed not answered your question on my website, I will try to reply to your question, but please be patient because it might be some time before I am able to respond.


You may E-Mail me at:


Sherry Joanne



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