Is Castration Right For Me?



If you are seriously considering castration at all, the decision of whether or not to have this surgery will probably be the most serious decision you will ever make in your life.The removal of two tiny organs from your body will have a major impact on your body and your life, and once done there is no way to reattach those organs and have everything the way it was before.Fertility is forever and absolutely lost, and in the absence of testosterone your body will develop differently than it was originally programmed to.Testosterone replacement injections are painful, and offer incomplete and uncertain restoration of life as it was.For these reasons, you must be absolutely certain before you proceed with surgical castration, and you should not go through with this until you are absolutely certain that your life will be improved by castration.


In this section, I wish to address several issues I have often encountered in my E-Mails, in the eunuch newsgroup, and on message boards.These are issues that every person who is in any way contemplating castration needs to seriously consider.



How do I know if castration is right for me?


There is no test to determine if a person should be castrated.Therapists might help a person sort out their issues, but even the professionals canít truly determine if a person should be castrated.You are the person who will live the rest of their life after castration, or after a decision to not be castrated.Therefore the decision must be absolutely yours alone.


If you are uncertain, then I would suggest that you go to my castration effects page.Read and consider every effect, both the good and the bad.Does the description of castration effects appeal to you?How do you feel about all of the effects combined?You canít decide which effects you will accept and which ones you wonít have.You have to either accept that all of the effects may occur after you are castrated, or reject all of the effects by declining to be castrated.This is an all or nothing decision.


What may be an advantage of castration for one person may be a serious disadvantage for another.For example, I really wanted to prevent my body from masculinizing any further, yet many persons would have anxiety over the cessation or loss of masculinization.


Perhaps some effects appeal to you, while you donít wish some of the other effects.What is more significant for you, the effects you wish or the effects you dislike?Would the advantages be worth the disadvantages for you?For me, the elimination of male libido, the prevention of masculinization, and the calming effects of greatly reduced testosterone were well worth the risks of osteoporosis and the possibility of hot flashes, while infertility and the loss of physical strength did not bother me at all.



Is there a non-permanent way to experience the effects of castration so I can try it out and see if it is right for me?


Yes.There are a couple of medications that block the effects of testosterone and cause the physical and mental effects of surgical castration.


Chemical castration is actually even more effective than the surgical castration, because anti-androgen medications suppress not only the testosterone from the testicles, but they also suppress the small amounts of testosterone produced by the adrenal glands.Your adrenal glands are located above each kidney, and they produce about five to ten percent of the total testosterone in the uncastrated male.


If you decide you like the effects, you can either continue taking the medication or seek the surgical castration.If you find that you are not as happy with castration, you can simply discontinue the medication, after which your testosterone levels will return to their former levels and your body and emotions will be restored.


To obtain anti-androgens, I would recommend finding a doctor who treats transsexuals by providing hormone therapy for them, and requesting androgen blockers.A therapist might be able to help you obtain such medication from a doctor.



I suffer from an intense sex drive that I wish to be relieved from, but I donít want to lose all of it, I just want it reduced.Will castration just reduce my sex drive, or will I lose all of it?


Each person is different and will experience variations in the effects of castration.Unfortunately I canít tell you how much your sex drive will decrease, or if you will have any left after castration.Some people will totally lose their drive after castration, and some will still have some drive although a much reduced drive.Before you get castrated, you have to accept that you may lose more drive than you wish to lose.


For me, the male sex drive contradicted my sense of self, and I would have been happy to totally lose my sex drive.I didnít (and still donít) care if I never had another orgasm in my life.Indeed, I was disappointed that I didnít lose it entirely and that I still had occasional nighttime erections.Still, I did experience a much-reduced drive, and except for the nighttime erections, the unwanted erections have ceased.I recently started taking a low dose of estrogen, which have further reduced the drive and the nocturnal erections.


One thing I can suggest is what I suggested above: to try out androgen blockers and see how it would feel to be castrated.The experience of chemical castration may give a hint of how much drive you would retain after surgical castration.



I want to be castrated byÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖ


I see many requests in E-Mail, message boards, and mailing lists for castration by certain means.While the discussion of castration methods (such as S/M scenes, or by certain types of persons) does not bother me, I do worry about the happiness of the person after they are castrated.When I read some of the requests or questions, I sometimes wonder if the person is more focused on enjoying the castration procedure rather than on the much more important issue of what their life will be like afterwards.Do you seek castration for the effects, or do you seek castration merely to experience the act of castration?


For me, the castration procedure was something unpleasant that I had to put myself through so I could afterwards experience the lifetime benefits that would result.For me, they were benefits, yet for the vast majority of real men would negatively affect the quality of their lives.


Some examples of requests I frequently read include:


1.   I want a woman to castrate me.

2.   I want to be castrated without anesthesia, and to feel the pain.

3.   I am a sub seeking a master to castrate me and make me his slave.

4.   Will I ejaculate as my balls are cut off?


The thing I usually notice about these requests is that the person making the requests is more preoccupied with the manner in which they will be castrated, and I have to ask if they have considered at all what their life will be like after their castration experience.


I strongly urge you to consider something.


By whatever means you are castrated by, remember that your castration procedure itself will last only a couple of hours at the most.If you are castrated by any means other than a medical doctor, your castration experience may be even briefer.Any sexual feelings you experience from a castration procedure will last only minutes, and that final orgasm will last only seconds.


After that, the effects of your castration will last for the rest of your life, and you can never have your testicles put back on your body.Hormone replacement will not be the same as having the testosterone naturally produced by your testicles.Even with testosterone replacement, you will never be the same again.If you donít really desire the aftereffects of castration, then no matter how much you would enjoy going through a castration procedure, it would not be worth the effects you would feel for the rest of your life.


In the summer 1999 there were several posters in the alt.eunuchs.questions newsgroup who wrote about how they regretted their castration.One of these persons was actually a patient of Dr. Spector.In those days there was also a poster who denied that he regretted his castration from years before, but his posts were harsh.In one post, this person wrote, ĎSorry, I donít have a pair to do it againí, as if he wanted more testicles merely to go through the procedure again rather than experience the aftereffects, and I have to wonder if he really wished the effects of castration or sought to experience the procedure.


Do you really want to live with the effects of castration for the rest of your life, just to experience a brief castration procedure?Some men who become eunuchs in this manner have felt anguish only hours after their castration.


Sometimes a person writes something like, ĎI wish to have an empty (scrotal) sací. Castration is much more than the removal of your testicles.It will have drastic effects on your feelings, sexuality, and your life in general.


If you are not absolutely certain that you wish to live the rest of your life with the effects of castration, then you must make sure that castration remains a fantasy for you.As long as you are not castrated, you can enjoy your fantasies for life, but once castrated, your sexuality is forever lost.


I have corresponded with some men who have castration fantasies.Most of these men seem to understand that their feelings are strictly fantasy and know that they donít really want real castration and the aftereffects.But occasionally, a young adult will go through with a true castration scene while he lacks the knowledge of what heís doing, or sometimes a drunk man with the fantasy gets himself in an S/M scene that goes too far.Then the regrets are swift and permanent.



So if I feel aroused at the idea of castration, does this mean that castration would be wrong for me?


While this does not necessarily mean that you shouldnít be castrated, it does mean you should reconsider the idea.Certainly a person should not be castrated just because they have a castration fetish.The ultimate question is not how the idea of castration arouses you, but how you will feel after castration once your sex drive and fertility are gone.I do know of a few eunuchs online who had sexual fantasies about castration before their procedure, yet were happy after they became a eunuch.But there are many more who went through the procedure, and then were unhappy with their life as a eunuch.


The tendency for sexual arousal over castration is a strong warning to be cautious.Even if the idea of castration does not cause sexual excitement, you still need to be very cautious and really think about how castration will affect your life before you go through with this.If you do have these sexual feelings, then that is one more serious reason to hesitate and really think this over.Once you are castrated, the fantasy will fade with your libido.


A castration fetish does not guarantee that you will be happy after castration.If a fetish is the only reason you are considering castration, then you will probably feel very miserable after castration and should therefore keep it a fantasy.


Please understand that I do not condemn your fantasy.My concern is your happiness and how you will feel for the rest of your life.I would not want to deprive you of the right to enjoy your fantasy.I would much rather you decline castration so that you may enjoy your fantasy for life, than to have one brief castration experience followed by a lifetime of regret.If you are not harming another person, then there is no reason at all to try to Ďcureí your fantasy.



I really want to be castrated and lose the sex drive, but what will my family think?My wife says she will divorce me if I go through with this.


There is something every person needs to understand, whether or not they wish to be castrated:Your body is yours, and you alone have the right to be castrated or not to be castrated.


Women have the right to refuse sex with a man.Men also have the right to decline sex, if they are so inclined.Here in the USA your wife can abort your child without your consent, and even a teenage girl can obtain an abortion without the consent of her parents.Iíve also heard of an abortion clinic refusing to perform an abortion on a girl because her parents were obviously trying to coerce her into it.


Do you not also have the right over your own body?I strongly feel that nobody at all should dictate that you should or should not be castrated.I am my motherís only natural offspring, and I never had any children, yet I never even asked her because I have no obligation to.As of this time (March 2002), my mother still doesnít know that she will certainly never have any natural grandchildren.


If you are certain that you would be happier as a eunuch with your sex drive gone, then nobody should have the right to prevent your from obtaining what you wish.If a wife, parent, or anyone else insists that you should tolerate and suffer an unwanted sex drive, then in my opinion they are no better than men who condone the rape of women.



If I am castrated, will anyone else ever find out?


The doctor who will perform your castration will know, but if he is doing your castration then he should be OK with it.Your general care practitioner should probably know so that he/she can better care for your health.If you are married, your spouse will probably notice your lack of testicles and your much-reduced libido.Otherwise, you should be able to pick and choose who knows and who doesnít.


I lost enough physical strength that a supervisor at work was angry that I could no longer do a heavy lifting task in her department, but she never had any idea why.I simply moved out of her department and into a different section of the chicken plant where heavy lifting would never be required.If you do not wish to tell, then you should not be worried about anyone figuring out that you had a voluntary castration.Iíve also had to discontinue doing a few things for my mom that required heavy lifting, but she still has no idea why.


The only ways another person might figure out what you did are if you tell them, or if you undress in someone elseís sight.You will need to either avoid dressing or changing areas and other situations where someone else might see your genitals.If you need to discuss this with a doctor or therapist, they should respect your confidentiality.


Most men are anxious about the idea of castration, and may be offended about the concept of voluntary castration.While some eunuchs have reported positive experiences after disclosing at work or to family members, I personally do not recommend disclosure.Some eunuchs have had problems in the workplace, and I suspect I would have problems in my workplace if my coworkers ever found out.Most eunuchs are still able to perform their work after castration, so there is no reason to inform any supervisors about it.


I have told only other transgendered persons like myself, and my friends in PFLAG know.I have also shared experiences with one elderly man who had castration to treat his prostate cancer.Otherwise, I am stealth about this at work, in the neighborhood, and within my family.Although many of my coworkers have observed my unmanly manners and have long suspected that I am a gay person, nobody has ever figured out that I got castrated.You should not worry too much about accidental discovery.



What if I have only one testicle removed?


The removal of just one testicle will have practically zero effect.If only one testicle is lost or destroyed, the other testicle will enlarge and increase testosterone production to make up for the absence of the first one.This is quite a relief for those who lose one testicle due to accident or illness, but it is bad news for anyone who seeks partial castration effects or who hoped for a hint of what complete castration would feel like.


To experience the effects of surgical castration, both testicles must be removed.Surgical castration is an all or nothing deal, and once done it is permanent.



Some wrong reasons


I have seen men seeking castration for many various reasons in my E-Mail and also on message boards.Some of these men will truly benefit from castration, and I have followed the journeys of some as they found a surgeon, wait for their surgery date, and then describe their recovery followed by their feelings of relief afterwards.


I also see some men seeking castration for issues that would be better dealt with by less serious means.Some of these men are focused on one single benefit that they expect to gain from castration.The problem is, you canít accept some benefits and decline others.Surgical castration is an all or nothing deal, and if you are going to do it, you must accept all of the consequences, both good and bad.


In the days after my own castration, I corresponded with one young man who had regrets about being a eunuch.Iím not sure what his exact motives for seeking castration were, but apparently he had found a long website whose purpose was to promote castration.This website was so pushy that I do not include it on my links.This site referred the man to Dr. Spector, who then performed the procedure, and then the man had regrets ever after.


Hair Loss Ė I used to lurk on the newsgroup alt.baldspot.Occasionally someone would suggest castration to treat their problem.Fortunately, other men would quickly warn the poster to not get castrated, saying that solution was too extreme.I have to agree with them, especially since there are now medications that will treat hair loss just as effectively.Castration may prevent further hair loss, but it will not regrow any hair that you have already lost.The vast majority of men would rather lose their hair than to lose their testicles, fertility, and testosterone.Fortunately men donít have to make that choice anymore, since they can take Proscar, use Minoxidil, have hair transplants, or get a hair replacement system.


Excess body hair Ė If loss of body hair is the only effect that you seek from castration, then I would strongly suggest that you instead see an electrologist.Most electrologists are more than willing to work on men, including those seeking beard removal.


Birth control Ė You can obtain effective birth control with a vasectomy, which is an even more minor procedure and would not have any of the other effects that castration would cause.




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