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Surgeons Who Perform Orchiectomy:

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Links to More Information About Castration

It is very important that you learn everything you possibly can about castration if you are considering this at all.  I am just one person with my own individual experiences, so I urge you to seek input from other people and examine other sources.  I hope to add many more links for you in the near future.

Eunuch Tom Tom underwent complete surgical emasculation in 1988 and has included a good FAQ section on his website.

Being Castrated by Gelding.  This masculine eunuch also has a page containing an interview with Gelding.  Can you still be the Pope after castration?  Read either page and find out.

Dr. Anne Lawrence now has an orchiectomy page on her Transsexual Women's Resources website.

A study by Dr. Russell Reid M.B., ChB, FRC, Psych.
A sampling of 14 transsexuals who underwent orchiectomy in the U.K.  Dr. Reid also wrote an older hypothesis in 1994.

Bilateral Orchidectomy by The Looking Glass Society (U.K.)

The Road Less Traveled Includes a personal account of an orchiectomy procedure.

Orchidectomy article on the effects and advantages of orchiectomy by Annie Richards

Castration In Non Transsexual Males by Gianna E. Israel

Testicular Cancer Resource Center Information about testicular cancer and treatments, including an information page about the orchiectomy treatment for this condition.

Prostate Cancer InfoLink Information about orchiectomy for treatment of prostate cancer.

CancerHelp UK: Orchiectomy Another website containing information about orchiectomy for prostate cancer.

Dr. Spector's website Dr. Kimmel now does the castration surgeries at a gender clinic in Philadelphia, but Dr. Spector still maintains a website with information about castration and feminizing HRT.

Brianne's Orchiectomy Experience An account of orchiectomy by Dr. Kimmel.  I believe this is the first web page to contain an account of orchiectomy surgery by this doctor.


August In Miami Grace Bock writes about her orchiectomy by Dr. Reed in Miami.


Healthsquare What you should know about the orchiectomy procedure by Healthsquare.


Transmissions 22  A transgendered woman’s perspective on body modification surgery.


New link:

A Warning To Others  A storywriter wrote something based on a true story of a eunuch who regrets that he was castrated.  Not everyone who gets castrated lives a happier life after this irreversible surgery.  Make sure you are among the very small minority of people who would have an improved quality of life after castration before you go through with this procedure.



Online Support Groups

I have listed some groups where those seeking castration or those who have already been castrated may discuss their interests, issues, feelings, and concerns with others like themselves.

alt.eunuchs.questions (Google)
This Usenet group is quiet lately, but I have received and returned much support here for over two years.

Eunuch Mailing List on Yahoo
We discuss castration, penectomy, and other various genital modifications.  (NOTE: I am not the list owner, though I am a member)  This mailing list now contains over 1000 members.

Eunuch Archive Discussion Forum A discussion forum for those interested in castration or considering castration, and also for those who fantasize about castration.

Castration 101 on Yahoo
Castration 2000 on Yahoo
These are two more Yahoo groups where you may discuss castration and find out more about it.

Men Without Balls on Yahoo
This is a support group for those who have already been castrated by any means, whether by accident or by intention.  They discuss
post-castration issues such as feelings and hormone replacement therapy.  If you are a person who was castrated and now regrets it, castrated for medical reasons (such as cancer), or castrated by accident, then I would strongly recommend that you look into this mailing list.  This particular list is not for those seeking castration or information on the effects, but it is for those already castrated.

Psychemasculation on Yahoo
This group discusses the psychological motivation for those who seek emasculation.



Links to Health Issues of Eunuchs

Hypogonadism effects An anonymous web page about the possible long term health risks of hypogonadism

National Osteoporosis Foundation For information about osteoporosis

Dr. Lera on Male Menopause

Hypogonadism by Dr. Stephen Kemp, MD, PhD



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