SRS In Retrospect


Part V


It has now been almost seven months since I went through my SRS surgery in Thailand. This surgery did not make my life perfect or solve every life problem. But SRS did enable me to live much more comfortably and it greatly improved the quality of my life.


Positive effects of my SRS include:


My body feels much more comfortable since surgery.


My body appears correct when I look down there.


Some people who knew me both before and after surgery have told me that I seem happier lately. My own gender therapist (the one who wrote my SOC letter for surgery) commented that I seemed 'radiant and glowing'.


I sleep better. I realize I slept more while recovering from surgery, but I still fall asleep more easily long after I've completely recovered from my surgery.


I seemed less susceptible to colds or other airborne infections this winter. This might be an indirect result of SRS and a direct result of sleeping better, but I also believe this resulted from my improved mental state.


My post-op work efficiency was greater than my pre-op efficiency, once I had completely recovered from surgery. My mind somehow seems sharper lately.


I was finally able to correct my birth certificate and Social Security records to reflect my correct sex.



Only One Complication:


I needed a skin graft taken from my tummy for adequate SRS results. This left a horizontal scar line about six inches long and located three inches below my navel, similar to a cesarean scar. Sometimes this itches.


Because I am in good health and still in my 30s, I recovered fairly quickly from my surgery. The post-op pain, six days of bed confinement, and the several months until complete recovery were all temporary.


Many of the things I had feared, such as a recto-vaginal fistula, never happened.





I will always need to dilate at least occasionally, but as of April 2006, I now dilate less than once per day. I dilated twice per day for my first three months, so I am already dilating less than half as often, and should be able to continue reducing my dilation frequency over time.


Update: I have been down to twice a week since late 2006.


For me, the advantages of SRS have been worth much more than these inconveniences, most of which were temporary. My comfort and feelings of correctness are permanent.


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