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November 2005:


I am OK, and my surgery was successful.  I have added so much to this section that I have decided to split my SRS page into about seven parts.  I will leave the links to other SRS sites on this page, and add my SRS table of contents here.


Contents of my SRS section:


My own SRS experience:

Part I: Anticipation

Part II: Bangkok or Bust

Part III: Recovery

Part IV: Return to My Life

Part V: SRS In Retrospect


About SRS with Dr. Kamol


About Thailand


Passports For Transsexuals Traveling To Thailand For SRS


Some SRS Related Links:


Are you sure?


Lynn Conway's SRS Warning Page  Be sure SRS is right for you before you have this irreversible surgery.


A little toad from Miami  A young man forged his therapist letters for SRS and then regretted his surgery.


Potential Complications of Vaginoplasty  Most SRS patients will not experience any serious complications, but once in a while an unexpected complication does occur. 


If you are sure that SRS is right for you, then these links will help you make an informed choice among the many good surgeons around the world.


Pages by A Kindred Spirit:

About Choosing Your Surgeon  Tips on choosing a surgeon, and a comprehensive list of SRS surgeons around the world.

Surgery Outcomes  Includes links to patients of many different SRS surgeons.


Vaginoplasty Index on TS Roadmap  Leads to many more TSRoadmap pages about SRS as well as many different surgeons, and links to testimonials where available.


The IndigoWiki  Another comprehensive list of SRS surgeons


The European TS Resource  List of European surgeons


Lynn Conway's SRS Page


Amberspace: SRS Page  includes a list of things to pack for a trip to your SRS surgeon.


These following SRS surgeons have detailed websites:

Dr. Bowers Trinidad, Colorado, US
Dr. Brassard Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Dr. Chettawut Bangkok, Thailand

Dr. Greechart Bangkok, Thailand
Dr. Kamol Bangkok, Thailand
Dr. Meltzer Scottsdale, Arizona, US
Dr. Menard Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Dr. Preecha Bangkok, Thailand
Dr. Reed Bay Harbor, Florida, US
Dr. Sanguan Phuket, Thailand
Dr. Schrang Neenah, Wisconsin, US
Dr. Suporn Chonburi, Thailand (new website as of 2006!)


All About My Vagina  Experiences of a non-transsexual woman.


Post Op:


Dilation by Alessa Adamo on Anne Vitale’s site


Zen And The Art Of Post-Operative Maintenance


Postsurgical Changes In The Neovagina  When I was considering just having a penectomy as an alternative to SRS back in 2003, a good friend sent me this link to let me know that I could in fact attain good results if I would have full SRS.  Thank you!


Duratek Vaginal Stents


Femistent Vaginal Dilators new!


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