Some Helpful Links




TG/TS Support includes listings of resources by state

Transgender Gazebo on

PFLAG Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays

ABGender Above & Beyond: Tons of resources, links to personal pages, etc.

Gender Web The Gender Web Project

Remembering Our Dead In memory of the victims of transphobia



Comprehensive Transition Information



Transsexuality  Jennifer’s site contains many insights to the transition process, including 30 pages containing answers to questions frequently asked by transitioners.

TS Road Map I found lots of helpful information about electrolysis and financing transition here, and it strongly influenced my decision to use the extremely effective E2000 clinic in the Dallas TX area for most of my facial electrolysis.

Transgender Support Site by Melanie Anne Phillips.  Good voice training information.

Transsexual Women's Resources by Dr. Anne Lawrence

Lynn Conway's website Lots of insight and information from a woman who transitioned in 1968.


Kindred Spirit Lakeside  Extensive information on surgeons, name change process, therapists, and many links.

Mom, I Need to Be a Girl book by Just Evelyn about her teenage daughter's transition.

Gender Library Essays by Gianna E. Israel

Notes on Gender Transition by Anne Vitale PhD

Gwen Smith Lair of the Webmistress

Amberspace Amber has composed an extensive website which includes many essays.

Dr. Becky Allison Dr. Becky Allison's website includes many essays

The Looking Glass Society Information and support for transsexuals in the UK.

Second Type Woman This website by Anne Richards contains some unique articles covered by no other TS website.

TGPortal Susan's Place Transgender Resources

Rachel's Web Transgendered Resources and Support


Transsexual Transition


Disforia De Genero  Información por transexuales en Español – Information for transsexuals in Spanish language


Female to Male


FTM International

TransMan's Information Project




Intersex Peer Support - Bodies Like Ours


ISNA Intersex Society of North America



Procedures and other specific aspects of transition




GenderSanity Center of Gender Sanity has information and links pertaining to workplace transition.

Family Gender Library by Gianna E. Israel


Workplace Transition Central  A Support Resource for Transgendered Employees, their Employers, and Helping Professionals


Facial Feminization Surgery

Facial Feminizing Surgery Information and Links on

Feminization of the Transsexual by Dr. Ousterhout

Dr. Chettawut in Bangkok, Thailand.  Dr. Chettawut’s price list .

Dr. Ousterhout's own website.  Cocoon House for recovery after FFS (by Lynn Conway).

Dr. Suporn offers many FFS procedures in Thailand.  See also Suporn’s assessment and results pages.

Lynn Conway's FFS Page

TS-RoadMap FFS Page

Financing Transition

Financial Advice for Transsexual Women In depth advice from Andrea James

Hair removal

Electrology 2000 Expensive (now $105 per hour) but very effective electrolysis in Carrollton TX.  In eight complete clearings from 2000 to 2002, they have permanently removed just about all of my facial hair.

Hair Removal Extensive section on electrolysis by Andrea James.  Includes advice on choosing an electrologist, pain control, and dealing with the aftereffects.

Hair Facts Non-commercial information on various forms of hair removal, by Andrea James

Hair restoration

Apollo Apollo hair systems

Hair Website about how to spot scams, rip-offs, and worthless snake oils. Information about hair biology, hair loss, and treatment options.

Hormone Reassignment Therapy

Hormone Therapy for M2F Transsexuals  now on

Hormone Treatment in Transsexuals Another informational site about HRT

Some Typical Hormone Regimens on Transsexual Women's Resources

Hormones and Heart Disease By Dr. Becky Allison, writes about the cardiac and other health risks of HRT.

Legal Issues

TransgenderLaw Transgender Law & Policy Institute

Name Change Law Laws for changing name in all 50 states of the USA

Legal Name Change Project Andrea is compiling a state by state list of instructions for a legal name change on her TS.Roadmap site.

Birth Record  On the Kindred Spirit Lakeside site.  Includes information on changing name and birth certificates in the 50 states, Canada, and the UK.

Instructions for changing name and sex on birth certificate Dr. Becky has listed the procedure and requirements for changing name and sex on your birth certificate for each state (NOTE: Several states will not change the sex designation even after SRS).

Name (choosing a)


Eponym Many links to more name sites


List of surgeons My list of surgeons who perform orchiectomies

Castration My castration site, which includes my personal account of the procedure and the effects.

Sexual Reassignment Surgery

IndigoWiki Comprehensive list of SRS surgeons worldwide

A Kindred Spirit (surgeons list)  Another list of SRS surgeons worldwide

These following surgeons have detailed websites:
Dr. Bowers Trinidad, Colorado, US
Dr. Brassard Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Dr. Chettawut Bangkok, Thailand
Dr. Greechart Bangkok, Thailand

Dr. Kamol Bangkok, Thailand
Dr. Meltzer Scottsdale, Arizona, US
Dr. Menard Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Dr. Preecha Bangkok, Thailand
Dr. Reed Bay Harbor, Florida, US
Dr. Sanguan Phuket, Thailand
Dr. Schrang Neenah, Wisconsin, US
Dr. Suporn Chonburi, Thailand (new website!)

I have more SRS related links on my
SRS Page.

Standards of Care (SOC)

HBIGDA Version 6 of the SOC issued in 2001

Stealth Issues

A Little Help From My Friends Andrea James has collected advice from anonymous women who are now stealth on TS-Roadmap.

The Internet and the Option of Stealth also on TS-Roadmap.  Advice about internet surfing, participation in mailing lists and forums, and websites for those planning to go stealth.

Life as a Woman After Transsexual Transition by Lynn Conway examines various issues of stealth

Life as a Woman After Transsexual Transition (continued) A continuation of Lynn Conway's page on stealth issues


Listing of Therapists Dr. Becky's list of gender therapists by state, also includes therapists in Canada, Germany, and the UK.

Kindred Spirit  Kindred Spirit Lakeside Resources List includes a listing of therapist as well as some doctors. Listings of resources by state include therapists


Finding Your Female Voice by

How to Develop a Female Voice by Melanie Ann Phillips

TS Voice Transsexual Voice for the Tone Deaf

Gender Differences in Nonverbal Communication About the nonverbal differences in expression by each gender.

Workplace Issues

GenderSanity Center of Gender Sanity has information and links pertaining to workplace transition.

Transgender At Work Home Page

Workplace Transition Central



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